Mentoring, Coaching, one to one work

Would you like someone to come alongside you in your work? 2013-04-17 21.19.00This may be to support a deepening journey in to presence and leadership, to enable you to move through a rough patch or to invite a buddy to play as you develop new work. What I do in one to one sessions varies from practical project development to a deepening of spiritual practice, it might include art materials, embodied inquiries or brainstorming possibilities.

I work in person here in Devon, via skype (or other suitable technology) or for a fee I can visit you.

I offer one off sessions, packages of 4, 6 or 10 and options to work with a group of peers for richer input and lower costs to you.

My desire is to help you thrive so that you are living and working well in ways that helpĀ the bigger picture come alive!

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Published by theferalkitchen

Forager, artist, cook, facilitator and course leader.

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